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Why Choose Glogou Tradeshow Services ?

We provide the most effective tradeshow promotion services, to help you bring customers from China with lowest cost. We provide complete online and offline marketing advertising services, including search engine marketing, social media and social network marketing, mobile advertisting marketing in China, and many more.

What makes Glogou different from others ?

Excellent services

We provide 24/7 online chat services, so that our customers can reach us at any time crossing the world.

360 degree China digital marketing services

  • Online key words marketing campaign (Baidu...)
  • Network promotion (Baidu/sohu/sina...)
  • Target group promotion (User behaviors...)
  • Social Network promotion (Renren...)
  • Online Video promotion (Tudou, Yuku...)
  • Mobile media promotion (uucun...)

Effective result with competitive prices

With our domain knowledge on SEO/SEM, our cutting edge IT technology, we can deliver the effective marketing result with very competitive prices.

Solid customer bases

Crossing the world, customers from fortune 500, real estate sections, hotels, universities, high tech, government agents have chosen our online digital marketing services.

Services just for you

If you have requirements on how to promote your show/event, create brand awareness, bring more sales leads, we can provide the solutions just for you. Give us a call and let us help you bring more customers from China!

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