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Do You Need Help with Your China Mobile Advertising?

"China Has the World's Largest Mobile User Population, with Over 700 Million Users."

We provide complete China mobile advertising solutions, to help you achieve the highest conversion rate at the lowest cost.

Since 2007, our team has helped non-Chinese business do online and offline marketing in China.

We can promote your business in all of China's major web portals, search engines, social networks and social media. As you may know, some popular websites such as Google, Facebook and Twitter are not accessible in China, but they all have similar websites in China We can help you run your ads on China's version of leading search engine (Baidu.com), China's version of Facebook (Renren.com) and on China's version of Twitter (Weibo.com)

Our services are most valuable in helping you achieve the highest conversion rate. Non-Chinese businesses often find that conversion rates for their China campaigns are low. This can be due to many reasons. For example, your landing page may not be China-friendly, your web page may not address common questions that people in China care most about, your ad phrases (or banner) may not be attractive to Chinese people, your keywords may not be optimized for Baidu.... We help you improve all of these.

We help you to achieve: More Leads at Less Cost. Please see Technologies and Services for more detail.
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